Gabriele Munter
By Helen

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Gabriel Munter was born on February 19, 1877 in Berlin, Germany. She began drawing as a child. She first attended the Women Artists' Association. After starting school there, she thought she needed more indepth training, so she left Berlin to attend Phalanx School in Munich. There she studied sculpture making, printmaking, and painting. At this school she met Wassily Kandinsky, and fell in love with him. They were both part of the Expressionist group, The Blue Rider. She was one of only a few women who expanded Expressionism. They didn't marry, and later split up. Gabriele traveled throughout Europe, but still continued to create works of art. In 1956 Gabriele Munter won the Culture Prize of the City of Munich. She died on May 19, 1962 in her house in Munich.